Wednesday, September 28

I choose you!

YOU! are the chosen one

He's pointing right at you
from across the ocean
from across the sea
from across the fourth dimension

A statue in the court yard outside the D'uomo museum in Florence, Italy.

Tuesday, September 27

Inspiration Journal

So this is my Quote Journal
 I got it yeeears ago. When I was about seven or eight

So naturally as small child I felt the need to have a poems journal

not that I was ever really in to poetry.

In the beginning of the book has wonderful tidbits of poems I wrote for school assignments such as the lovely bit below

(look at the wonderful grammar of  "me and Jenny")

Pumpkins Oh Pumpkins, by Ally McAlpine (age 9)

But as I grew I started use the book to write in quotes and other tidbits of inspiration that resonated with me.
And as I got more experience with art and design, I try and mess around with different colors and fonts.

Here is one below,

"If you don't like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree."

Pour votre plaisir

Monday, September 26

Melted Joy

So I got super excited that it is possible to use my schools meal plan dollars on the vending machines

Drunk with power, I decided to purchase the 100 Grand candy bar I had been staring at literally every single time I went into or out of my dorm.

Then there was also a large Kit-kat bar, of which our tale spurts from

Now I don't often get these large Kit-Kats, either I must be satisfied with "fun-sized" bars split a full sized bar with my family, which is fine

But this large candy bar was special.

Now I bought this as I was leaving for a movie.

Now where do i put my Kit-Kat

In my nifty pocket of course

Well, turns out chocolate tends to melt
Yes, my candy melted.

But I wasn't going to let my dollar fifty go to waste. I could just put it in my freezer!
(Actually I ended up getting back to my dorm, falling asleep, then waking up and realizing it was still in my pocket. So when i got ready for bed and put it in the freezer it was well and truly melted. So much so that I had to try and move the wafers back inside into straight lines.)

This was the result the next day.

Honestly better than I expected

the chocolet formed in weird patterns around the wafers
But the real test was did it still taste good?
(Spoiler Alert: Obviously NO)
JK, it was delicious still

Although it, didn't have that satisfying break off, so I couldn't mimic the grand Kit-Kat jingle, 
and the wafers really weren't attached and kinda flaked away.

But rest assured it still tasted good!

Have I made you jealous yet?

Because right now I don't have a Kit-Kat and I am jealous of my past self, who did have one....

Sunday, September 25


Believe in Magic

Because what else is there to believe in?

Why, yourself my dearest

Friday, September 23

Dorm Room Tour

I filmed a new video!

Check it out, and subscribe why don't you

(I actually think that thumbnail is atrocious, but we're just gonna go with it)

My dorm isn't as beautifully decorated as some,
but I like to think it was quirky and creative?

Anyway it was really just to show all my friends who asked to see pictures of it when I first moved in


So I didn't post anything yesterday, not to be mellow dramatic, but I have fail.

It's all over.....

On the note of being dramatic,
Some guy told me the other day that I was "like the fifth white Ally" he has met

Naturally I didn't take this too kindly.

So I have decided that I need a new nick-name.

Here are some options:

Any thoughts?

(I actually have deleted some of these already but what do you think friends?)

Wednesday, September 21

I may have stumbled on a cult....

So I was sitting in the Student Center at about 7:30 pm studying.....
                                       (I promise this will get more interesting)

Not many people were around - this made me (the anti-socialite) pretty happy.

Then two guys in suits came up and shook the hand of one of the faculty members who was sitting on the other side of the room. They were holding clip boards and phones, and were wearing suit, tie, the whole shebang. The faculty member took them into the multipurpose room next to me

The "multipurpose room" is where all the special guests who visit our university preform.

So I was thinking that 'Ooh maybe these are agents for a famous person coming to visit!"
There was only one problem,

These two guys looked really young. Now I didn't want to be hasty to ruin my dream and make an assumption, but they looked like they were sophomore or juniors.

But in the fantasy land where I live, they were agents for famous people.

That's when hordes of guys in ties and button-up shirts started filling in.


Its just a frat meeting.

In this group I saw one of my bio lab table mates
(earlier he was complaining about having to stay at school till 8pm. WELL son I NEVER leave, I literally eat, sleep, and breath this campus whether I like it or there)

Once the stream of people I was subtly trying to spy on stopped, I went back to my studying.

That's when the chanting started.

As I snuck past the door when I got up to leave they were standing there with bowed heads and arms crossed in front of them.

They are 100% running a cult under the guise of a fraternity.

Now back to my lovely biology-table-mate...

He totally seems like he would be in a cult.

...Not that I know what someone in a cult would be like.....

but for the sake of the insanity of this fantasy - he's totally it

                                                   you'll just have to take my word for it.

Tuesday, September 20

I'm a jedi!

"With you the force is Ally!"

I'm a Jedi!!

A cartoonist came to our school, and I was standing in line for about 45 minutes when a volunteer came over and said only 8 more people get to go. I was number 8 o_O

Anyway, people didn't get out of line behind me, hoping they could get squeezed in. But it was already 9:00, and that was when the booth closed.
I was about to give up, but my lovely suitemate convinced me just to hang out and see what happened.
People were getting antsy, and closing in around me.

Then some faculty member came by and told the artist that he was off
I was about to be disappointed (except you can see by the photo above....)

The artist said he had agreed to do 8 more, and so he had two people to go

I was number two!

(There was one girl who complained loudly the entire time about how she isn't going to get one, she was originally 3 people behind me. Also how good everyone's looked and how one more wouldn't be a problem...)

And most of the people in front of me had gotten themselves drawn as a princess, sports star, or the profession they planned to go into.

I wanted to be a Jedi


As I sat there I was unsure where to look.
Do I look at the artist?
Do I look straight ahead?
Do I look down?

I also tried to peer into his sunglasses to try and see the paper, but the image was too warped.

All I had to go on was the reactions of the three people watching him draw. They all agreed that the eye was the best, and most realistic. And then they would be like "Aw" or "wow", as I sat there wondering.

After seeing it I absolutely LOVE it!! 
I plan on framing it.

I even got the comment it looks like Rey a bit, and obviously she is amazing.

Monday, September 19

Package Adventure

The best feeling in the world while at college is getting a package.

Walking from the mail room triumphantly hanging on to a brown unassuming parcel. 

But inside holds a jackpot, of unknown goodies to fuel my poor starving scholars heart, belly and imagination.

Jealous and curious glances are cast as I prance up the stairs to my dorm hall prize in hand.

I fling open the door and place my prize on my bed; Hardly able to contain my excitement I snip open the tape, dumping out my loot.

As far as food my lovely sisters contribution to the package was a werthers candy (arguably her favorite candy - so she will miss the loss, of course it could be a million years old and she no longer wants it, but it was delicious all the same) thanks Paige.

A triumphant prize.
Unfortunately I have no bowl big enough to hold all the jello...
But no fear! Problem solving skills dictate that a collection of mugs and bowls should solve the capacity problem. (and who said college never taught us anything)

Why is there a racecar in this conglomeration of stuff Ally?
-you may ask


Its a phone...

A racecar phone.
Cause obviously how will I be the coolest kid in college without a corded phone in the shape of a racecar?
But honestly, I would totally use it, except the phone jack in my room doesn't work, leading to sadness.

Also socks
Which in it self isn't that odd

I did ask for socks, along with my charger an an Ethernet cable (as seen in the top photo)

The odd part is that there is 5 socks.

So since one dosen't have a pair, I can just keep one in my backpack for emergencies.

Thanks for the package Mom and Dad!
Love, Ally

Sunday, September 18

BrainDead: on CBS

So my favorite show has just ended....
I don't know if it will get renewed, so I'm just gonna put it out there in the hopes it will get noticed by someone, despite the show being over currently.....

So here is BrainDead.
(just the summer trailer, which I know may be "old" but it gives a good synopsis)

Basically space bugs have come down and are eating politicians brains. This is why the system seems so radicalized and crazy.
Sounds strange right?
I was skeptical when we first started watching too.

But the writing is so clever, and the characters are easily relatable, or lovable, or whatever you wish to call it. The plot is a mix of a political drama, comedy, sometimes heartfelt and then other times a suspenseful thriller.

It can get a little dark, but there is lots of witty banter to lighten the tone.
I believe that the show did a very nice job of introducing twists and turns to even the very last episode.

The lead character is Laurel Healy Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays the lead and her co-star Aaron Tevit, do extraordinary jobs. Each character, I would say especially senator Luke Healy, Laurel's brother played by Danny Pino, was a complex character with both redeeming heroic qualities, but also his share of faults; this created more three-dimensional believable characters.
 Like I said earlier the plot had so many good twists and turns. There were some plot lines brought up that could have been further explained or tied up, but for the most part Michelle and Robert King have done, another extraordinary job (they are also the creators of the good wife). 
The story was fast paced. There were a couple of episodes about 2/3rds of the way through that not too much plot developed, but the last couple episodes were completely riveting, leaving the viewers with a bittersweet feeling. I was happy to be apart of this shows debut, but it saddens me that the season is over with no clear future.
 I loved Laurel's outfits for the most part, which in a sense dosen't add or take away from the plot, I just enjoyed some of the things she wore and wanted them in my closet. Her style is sophisticated, chic and modern with a bit flare, showing off her creative film-maker side.
The series has a slight sci-fi tone. There are space-bugs eating people's brains. But the special effects are not overdone. Was it sometimes quite graphic to see a person's brains explode? Yes, particularly in the beginning. But aside from an occasional bug or brain, the strangeness is generally implied. I believe that this makes the situation more believable, or at least the suspended disbelief of space bugs.

Another thing that added to this shows lovable charm was, the episodes opened with a "Previously on," but instead of generic scenes as a review. Every episode had a unique jingle to remind us what had gone on.

Here is a video to one for episode 2 (so there isn't really too many spoilers as long as you already know the shows basic premise which i have explained above)

I can't imagine coming up with a new song for every episode. Each one clever in its own right. Personally I think that is talent right there.

So now I hope I have pitched it for you to actually watch the show and decide for yourself if it deserves a second season (which of course it totally does)

For more awesome clips here is the youtube page
Although some (although not all) contain spoilers.