Wednesday, January 30


 These are pictures of a volcanic crater in Hawaii from our visit a couple of years ago. It started out looking like smoke and later when it got dark began to glow.

Tuesday, January 29

Is It Spring Yet?

I actually took these a while ago but since it's January and happens to be 70*!!! It got me wishing it was spring time....

Sunday, January 27

Lemon-Raspberry Cake

 At around 3:00 in the after noon I decided to make a cake. I combined four different recipes to make my own rendition of a lemon-raspberry layered cake. This was the result of practicing my piping skills. Not exactly what I expected but delicious all the same.

Wednesday, January 23

The Newseum

Berlin Wall

Uni-bombers hut
Antenna from the twin towers

September 11 Headlines

Steven Colbert's Jacket
Tired after a long day of walking up THOSE stairs