Monday, March 28


It's just not Easter without a chocolate bunny to fill up with milk!
I just really like this photo for the plastic sheen over the case, how the light rides over the ripples of the plastic.
Its the little things in life that are easier to overlook that I find most interesting.

Wednesday, March 16

Sky Meadows

My family and I went on a hike at Sky Meadows, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
Here our dog Porthos is looking at my sister in the distance. 
Can you find her (my sister)?

Tuesday, March 8

Journaling #2

Who doesn't like an old-fashioned turkey hand kindergarten style?

The page on the left is made by tracing a hand (yours or another persons) in multiple spots on the page overlapping, then coloring in each section. No section can touch another section of the same color. So a box colored in yellow will not touch another yellow area on any side. Although you might notice I did touch light blue to dark blue and diagonal colors touch each other. Produces hours of relaxing fun!

Monday, March 7

Suicide Squad Comic Review

So because of the movie coming out August 5 I decide to give the Suicide Squad Comics a try. The trailer for the movie looks really good, and I am super excited to see it. I thought the comics did not disappoint. I have always loved a story that makes a reader root for the villain.

It was formatted in the typical way of multiple comics put together in on graphic novel. The beginning was a little difficult to understand, and therefore it took me a little longer than I would have liked to get into it. Some of the different chapter beginnings would disorient me as to what was going on in the story Of course this is from the point of view of someone who had no knowledge of what the Suicide Squad was except is was a bunch of villains sent out on dangerous missions, because they were expendable.

Once I was on board with what was going on in the story I was quite the page turner. Usually I prefer Marvel to DC comics, but Suicide Squad is one of my favorite comic series of either company.  I would definitely recommend this, although bear in mind it is also one of the goriest comics I have read. Deadshot was a fantastic anti-hero, and Harley Quinn's craziness kept you guessing what her next move would be. A fast paced adventure, that keeps readers hooked.

Sunday, March 6

Strawberry Pie

 One of my favorite pies- no, one of my favorite desserts in general is strawberry pie.

You will need a pie crust
1-2 pints of strawberries
sugar a couple of tablespoons depending on how sweet you like desserts.
heavy whipping cream or pre-made whip cream

Essentially it is pie crust, a layer of fresh strawberries, a layer of strawberry puree, whipped cream, and more fresh strawberries on top.

Super simple right?

Personally I like to use graham cracker crust. Recently, the crust I really like using is an Oreo crust. How can you go wrong with chocolate and strawberries.

Next you will want to slice or quarter approx. 9 strawberries to cover the bottom of the crust. In theory you can layer the bottom of the pie with whole strawberries (with the tops cut off) similar to the one in the center in the picture and when the pie is sliced into the slices, will have strawberry sides cut nicely on the edges of the pie slice. But in reality the middle of the strawberry is hard to find to cut into to make look right, and the  whole strawberries are not bite size and difficult to eat.

With the rest of the of the strawberries (you can just use up the the pint and part of a new one)
take the tops off and quarter them and put them in a medium saucepan over heat.

 Mash the strawberries and add a dusting of sugar (I don't usually use more than 2 teaspoons, but more or less can be added depending on how sweet you want it), then mash some more until you get a liquidy substance. I like my filling to still have some small chunks of strawberry, but there is also the option to have a completely liquid sauce.

after letting cool for a minute or so (it doesn't need to be completely cooled, just not boiling hot) pour the sauce on top of the strawberries in the crust. Then spread a layer of whip cream on top of the sauce.

Whip cream can be made by whisking a quart of heavy cream until just under the consistency you want. Then add a table spoon of sugar (how much is a preference, giving the cream a taste to see if it is sweet enough is a good idea) Whip the sugar into the cream until the desired consistency. This process usually takes five-ish minutes.

Layer some sliced strawberries on top, put in the fridge for an hour or until cool and then enjoy!