Wednesday, September 28

I choose you!

YOU! are the chosen one

He's pointing right at you
from across the ocean
from across the sea
from across the fourth dimension

A statue in the court yard outside the D'uomo museum in Florence, Italy.

Tuesday, September 27

Inspiration Journal

So this is my Quote Journal
 I got it yeeears ago. When I was about seven or eight

So naturally as small child I felt the need to have a poems journal

not that I was ever really in to poetry.

In the beginning of the book has wonderful tidbits of poems I wrote for school assignments such as the lovely bit below

(look at the wonderful grammar of  "me and Jenny")

Pumpkins Oh Pumpkins, by Ally McAlpine (age 9)

But as I grew I started use the book to write in quotes and other tidbits of inspiration that resonated with me.
And as I got more experience with art and design, I try and mess around with different colors and fonts.

Here is one below,

"If you don't like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree."

Pour votre plaisir

Monday, September 26

Melted Joy

So I got super excited that it is possible to use my schools meal plan dollars on the vending machines

Drunk with power, I decided to purchase the 100 Grand candy bar I had been staring at literally every single time I went into or out of my dorm.

Then there was also a large Kit-kat bar, of which our tale spurts from

Now I don't often get these large Kit-Kats, either I must be satisfied with "fun-sized" bars split a full sized bar with my family, which is fine

But this large candy bar was special.

Now I bought this as I was leaving for a movie.

Now where do i put my Kit-Kat

In my nifty pocket of course

Well, turns out chocolate tends to melt
Yes, my candy melted.

But I wasn't going to let my dollar fifty go to waste. I could just put it in my freezer!
(Actually I ended up getting back to my dorm, falling asleep, then waking up and realizing it was still in my pocket. So when i got ready for bed and put it in the freezer it was well and truly melted. So much so that I had to try and move the wafers back inside into straight lines.)

This was the result the next day.

Honestly better than I expected

the chocolet formed in weird patterns around the wafers
But the real test was did it still taste good?
(Spoiler Alert: Obviously NO)
JK, it was delicious still

Although it, didn't have that satisfying break off, so I couldn't mimic the grand Kit-Kat jingle, 
and the wafers really weren't attached and kinda flaked away.

But rest assured it still tasted good!

Have I made you jealous yet?

Because right now I don't have a Kit-Kat and I am jealous of my past self, who did have one....

Sunday, September 25


Believe in Magic

Because what else is there to believe in?

Why, yourself my dearest

Friday, September 23

Dorm Room Tour

I filmed a new video!

Check it out, and subscribe why don't you

(I actually think that thumbnail is atrocious, but we're just gonna go with it)

My dorm isn't as beautifully decorated as some,
but I like to think it was quirky and creative?

Anyway it was really just to show all my friends who asked to see pictures of it when I first moved in


So I didn't post anything yesterday, not to be mellow dramatic, but I have fail.

It's all over.....

On the note of being dramatic,
Some guy told me the other day that I was "like the fifth white Ally" he has met

Naturally I didn't take this too kindly.

So I have decided that I need a new nick-name.

Here are some options:

Any thoughts?

(I actually have deleted some of these already but what do you think friends?)

Wednesday, September 21

I may have stumbled on a cult....

So I was sitting in the Student Center at about 7:30 pm studying.....
                                       (I promise this will get more interesting)

Not many people were around - this made me (the anti-socialite) pretty happy.

Then two guys in suits came up and shook the hand of one of the faculty members who was sitting on the other side of the room. They were holding clip boards and phones, and were wearing suit, tie, the whole shebang. The faculty member took them into the multipurpose room next to me

The "multipurpose room" is where all the special guests who visit our university preform.

So I was thinking that 'Ooh maybe these are agents for a famous person coming to visit!"
There was only one problem,

These two guys looked really young. Now I didn't want to be hasty to ruin my dream and make an assumption, but they looked like they were sophomore or juniors.

But in the fantasy land where I live, they were agents for famous people.

That's when hordes of guys in ties and button-up shirts started filling in.


Its just a frat meeting.

In this group I saw one of my bio lab table mates
(earlier he was complaining about having to stay at school till 8pm. WELL son I NEVER leave, I literally eat, sleep, and breath this campus whether I like it or there)

Once the stream of people I was subtly trying to spy on stopped, I went back to my studying.

That's when the chanting started.

As I snuck past the door when I got up to leave they were standing there with bowed heads and arms crossed in front of them.

They are 100% running a cult under the guise of a fraternity.

Now back to my lovely biology-table-mate...

He totally seems like he would be in a cult.

...Not that I know what someone in a cult would be like.....

but for the sake of the insanity of this fantasy - he's totally it

                                                   you'll just have to take my word for it.

Tuesday, September 20

I'm a jedi!

"With you the force is Ally!"

I'm a Jedi!!

A cartoonist came to our school, and I was standing in line for about 45 minutes when a volunteer came over and said only 8 more people get to go. I was number 8 o_O

Anyway, people didn't get out of line behind me, hoping they could get squeezed in. But it was already 9:00, and that was when the booth closed.
I was about to give up, but my lovely suitemate convinced me just to hang out and see what happened.
People were getting antsy, and closing in around me.

Then some faculty member came by and told the artist that he was off
I was about to be disappointed (except you can see by the photo above....)

The artist said he had agreed to do 8 more, and so he had two people to go

I was number two!

(There was one girl who complained loudly the entire time about how she isn't going to get one, she was originally 3 people behind me. Also how good everyone's looked and how one more wouldn't be a problem...)

And most of the people in front of me had gotten themselves drawn as a princess, sports star, or the profession they planned to go into.

I wanted to be a Jedi


As I sat there I was unsure where to look.
Do I look at the artist?
Do I look straight ahead?
Do I look down?

I also tried to peer into his sunglasses to try and see the paper, but the image was too warped.

All I had to go on was the reactions of the three people watching him draw. They all agreed that the eye was the best, and most realistic. And then they would be like "Aw" or "wow", as I sat there wondering.

After seeing it I absolutely LOVE it!! 
I plan on framing it.

I even got the comment it looks like Rey a bit, and obviously she is amazing.

Monday, September 19

Package Adventure

The best feeling in the world while at college is getting a package.

Walking from the mail room triumphantly hanging on to a brown unassuming parcel. 

But inside holds a jackpot, of unknown goodies to fuel my poor starving scholars heart, belly and imagination.

Jealous and curious glances are cast as I prance up the stairs to my dorm hall prize in hand.

I fling open the door and place my prize on my bed; Hardly able to contain my excitement I snip open the tape, dumping out my loot.

As far as food my lovely sisters contribution to the package was a werthers candy (arguably her favorite candy - so she will miss the loss, of course it could be a million years old and she no longer wants it, but it was delicious all the same) thanks Paige.

A triumphant prize.
Unfortunately I have no bowl big enough to hold all the jello...
But no fear! Problem solving skills dictate that a collection of mugs and bowls should solve the capacity problem. (and who said college never taught us anything)

Why is there a racecar in this conglomeration of stuff Ally?
-you may ask


Its a phone...

A racecar phone.
Cause obviously how will I be the coolest kid in college without a corded phone in the shape of a racecar?
But honestly, I would totally use it, except the phone jack in my room doesn't work, leading to sadness.

Also socks
Which in it self isn't that odd

I did ask for socks, along with my charger an an Ethernet cable (as seen in the top photo)

The odd part is that there is 5 socks.

So since one dosen't have a pair, I can just keep one in my backpack for emergencies.

Thanks for the package Mom and Dad!
Love, Ally

Sunday, September 18

BrainDead: on CBS

So my favorite show has just ended....
I don't know if it will get renewed, so I'm just gonna put it out there in the hopes it will get noticed by someone, despite the show being over currently.....

So here is BrainDead.
(just the summer trailer, which I know may be "old" but it gives a good synopsis)

Basically space bugs have come down and are eating politicians brains. This is why the system seems so radicalized and crazy.
Sounds strange right?
I was skeptical when we first started watching too.

But the writing is so clever, and the characters are easily relatable, or lovable, or whatever you wish to call it. The plot is a mix of a political drama, comedy, sometimes heartfelt and then other times a suspenseful thriller.

It can get a little dark, but there is lots of witty banter to lighten the tone.
I believe that the show did a very nice job of introducing twists and turns to even the very last episode.

The lead character is Laurel Healy Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays the lead and her co-star Aaron Tevit, do extraordinary jobs. Each character, I would say especially senator Luke Healy, Laurel's brother played by Danny Pino, was a complex character with both redeeming heroic qualities, but also his share of faults; this created more three-dimensional believable characters.
 Like I said earlier the plot had so many good twists and turns. There were some plot lines brought up that could have been further explained or tied up, but for the most part Michelle and Robert King have done, another extraordinary job (they are also the creators of the good wife). 
The story was fast paced. There were a couple of episodes about 2/3rds of the way through that not too much plot developed, but the last couple episodes were completely riveting, leaving the viewers with a bittersweet feeling. I was happy to be apart of this shows debut, but it saddens me that the season is over with no clear future.
 I loved Laurel's outfits for the most part, which in a sense dosen't add or take away from the plot, I just enjoyed some of the things she wore and wanted them in my closet. Her style is sophisticated, chic and modern with a bit flare, showing off her creative film-maker side.
The series has a slight sci-fi tone. There are space-bugs eating people's brains. But the special effects are not overdone. Was it sometimes quite graphic to see a person's brains explode? Yes, particularly in the beginning. But aside from an occasional bug or brain, the strangeness is generally implied. I believe that this makes the situation more believable, or at least the suspended disbelief of space bugs.

Another thing that added to this shows lovable charm was, the episodes opened with a "Previously on," but instead of generic scenes as a review. Every episode had a unique jingle to remind us what had gone on.

Here is a video to one for episode 2 (so there isn't really too many spoilers as long as you already know the shows basic premise which i have explained above)

I can't imagine coming up with a new song for every episode. Each one clever in its own right. Personally I think that is talent right there.

So now I hope I have pitched it for you to actually watch the show and decide for yourself if it deserves a second season (which of course it totally does)

For more awesome clips here is the youtube page
Although some (although not all) contain spoilers.

Saturday, September 17

A random present to myself

So last weekend I walked with some friends over to CVS. I ended up buying a pint of cherry garcia ice cream with the goal of eating it all in one night because I don't really have a good freezer. 
(I got about 3/4th of the way through before I was sick of ice cream, and very disappointed in myself that i couldn't finish a measly pint. Anyways!)

 I saw a pencil case that I really liked. But didn't get it because I already have a pencil case (ok actually 2 one for my desk and one for my backpack) but I don't need a pencil case. 

But I kept thinking about how cool it was,
 and since I have a certain number of "Pioneer dollars" (our schools money system) I have to use before the end of they year I figured I would just buy myself a present for surviving the first week of college. 

So here you go. This bag is my, what do the kids say these days?, My ascetic.
Awesomeness, and black and coppery and shiny.

BTW there was matching pens too. I figured I use pens for nearly everything these days so one can never have enough pens? I use them for art, and journaling, and note-taking, and outlining textbooks....
So why not add some pizzazz with some coppery joy.

So now I will review these joys.
The pens have adequate ink flow. They work fairly well with the occasional hiccup of not-putting-ink-down. But I always look super snazzy writing with them
No matter what. Period.

The bad is good. It is a little small, but that makes it more portable. Although rummaging through it looking for you favorite pen at the very bottom, is only a slight issue.
Also there is a plastic lining inside the pencil case so any ink leaks or graphite chards can be easily cleaned.

All in all I really like my snazzy gift to myself.
Although I  feel a little weird reviewing a random generic pencil case and pens....

Friday, September 16

Internal Monologue

Hmm, So I've written a post today I just saved it as a draft to be published on another (special) day *wink wink. (Ok, its not that special don't get excited, its actually only two lines...)
But that counts as my post-for-the-day right?

Uhh, no I suppose not....

I don't actually know why I'm complaining about this....
I do enjoy having a blog, despite it maybe being a abnormal thing, or potentially "nerdy" thing to do (not that I have ever been ashamed to be called a nerd)
And it's not like anyone really reads my blog except when I forcibly share the links to me amigas.

But for whatever reason I still won't tell anyone about my corner of the internet for feat of being "weird".

Basically its all societies fault.

Ok just kidding.

Anyway today was just me venting a problem to the internet.

Because the best ways to deal with problems is to

  1. Ignore them until they go away
  2. And rant about them on the internet
Nothing will go wrong....

Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming of random pictures, and college shenanigans!

but since i have a random blog, I though why not use it to release steam....

Thursday, September 15


One of the doors on the baptistery of the Duomo in Florence Italy.

Wednesday, September 14


I have nothing to say today.
But I kinda wanted to put up a post every week, I haven't made it a week so this is NO time to give up!

Alas, I have a human biology test tomorrow,
and don't feel like spending an hour thinking of a witty post.

So have a nice day,
Get a good nights sleep,
Pet a dog.

Tuesday, September 13

"Freak the Geek" Art

So in English class last year. One assignment was to teach the class about a short story of our choosing.

There were certain requirements about the story we had to choose, like it had to have "literary merit" 

Sounds boring right? Usually (there are some exceptions) but "literary merit" means to have some deep unhinged meaning, and again usually is slightly depressing.

The only redeeming requirement was the author had to be alive.....

In the Library we received big heavy, scholarly books filled with various short stories. 

They were long and not all that fun to read.....
(At least not my kinda thing)

But behold a book called Geektastic


And in this book.

"Freak the Geek" by the one and only John Green

So our beautiful project became illustrating the scenes of the story into a type of comic
Mainly so we didn't have do much talking in the presentation...

Anyway, I did have two other partners, so it's not a complete comic, just my parts.

"Freak the Geek"

I suppose this may be what can be called "Fan Art"?

Really it was a school project I spent a short while on I just wanted to get it done with and not completely embarrass myself when the entire class saw it. I don't think it came our half bad.

You can tell the first one I spent a longer amount of time than the last one....

"The whole world of mischief and malfeasance is available to you, and you pick paint balls?"

I thought the book, although not a highly symbolized, or complex tale, it was a very easy read, light and enjoyable. (Especially because I thought we were going to read some heavy material)

It was all about accepting yourself and taking pride in geekdom.

Plus the one girl used Shakespearean insults which is just simply amazing, if you have never looked up Shakespearean insults I highly recommend it. 

Of course it may be that I like them because I am a geek...

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for no spoilers) I did not draw the ending scenes....

So if you are curious about how the story ends you'll just have to get it at the library or something!

The story is about a girls boarding school, where traditionally the students pick two girls to basically harass and intimidate in a ritual called "Freaking the Geek". 
Can you guess who is chosen? Our two lovely main characters.
Basically it goes as well as you could expect, whose fault is it? What to do? and it becomes a story of self-acceptance.
Genuinely a pleasant easy read.

Digital Art #1

So my senior year of high school I started to learn (and by learn I mean I started to mess around with sketchbook) and I wanted to learn Digital Art. Because personally I think drawing digitally is a lot of fun, and potentially gorgeous.

Now this was my first major project using a drawing tablet.

So its not amazing

But I did improve, and I hope to get the opportunity to practice with digital art again

Stay tuned for some of my better projects.....

But for now, here is the picture I just stumbled upon on my computer.
Currently I shudder a bit at the perspective on the desk....But I still do think the concept is cool, and the chalk looks fairly decent.

Sunday, September 11

College Adventures full of Hair?

OH Hi!
So I wanted to straighten my hair the other day.....
But obviously as a lazy college student/anti-socialite couldn't be bothered to go into the shared bathroom.

Unfortunately I do not have a mirror in my room. SO being the fantabulous problem solver I am I used my web camera on my laptop as a mirror.

Now as I was staring at the camera for the long process that I was straightening my luscious mane of hair. And documented the process.

Now in retrospect I realize that I made the same face in all of the pictures....
Also, the quality of the picture is questionable (this is a laptop camera so, not an amazing DSLR).
And the lighting is terrible, sorry I was merely sitting at my desk.

I didn't want to put the burning hot straighter on my wooden desk, so here it is in a coffee mug.

Here I just look funny with half a head of straight hair and the other half a glorious mess.
Again though with the pursed lips and wide eyes, really Ally?

See, using a web camera worked Amazingly!
 I feel I am a proficient adult now and should just be handed a college degree.....or at least a scholarship award....sigh

Saturday, September 10

Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes

A sculpture by Donatello

This was one of the statues I really enjoyed when we took a trip to Italy this summer. There a mock version outside the Palazzo Vecchio (a previous home of the Medici family in Florence, Italy) standing in one of the statues original places.

It is a bronze statue by Donatello in 1460. The real statue can be seen in the Hall of Lilies (Sala dei Gigli) in Palazzo Vecchio.

This piece of are depicts the woman standing, named Judith, assassinating the Assyrian general Holofernes. It is based off of a bible story. One of the reoccurring themes in Italy was a religious undertone. Which makes sense considering the head of the catholic church is in the Vatican, which is in Rome.
The legend goes that King Nebuchadnezzar of Nineveh ordered his general Holofernes to defeat the Jews, his enemies. Judith (meaning Jewish woman) was a beautiful widow who snuck into the Assyrian camp late one night and seduced the General. Then when he is drunk she cuts off his head and brings it back her people, the decapitated head her trophy. The Jews then are rallied to raid the Assyrian camp and push them away.
Judith is a symbol of justice, weak defeating the strong, liberty and victory.

This is one of the earliest free standing statues in Renaissance statures. It was commissioned by Cosimo de' Medici to stand in the garden next to the statue of David. Originally it was guilded, but now the only guilding can be seen at the top of the sword blade. Supposedly the statue pedestal was inscribed with "Kingdoms fall through luxury, cities rise through virtues; behold the neck of pride severed by humility." and possibly other inscriptions, but today the only thing left of the pedestal is Donatello's signature, this is one of the only works of art he signed.

If you notice the wallpaper behind the statue, I think this was beautiful. The top of the room was crowned in elaborate golden decorations, but the walls had columns painted so realistically they seemed practically three dimensional. 

*All the pictures above were taken by Ally McAlpine
For More information:

Friday, September 9

The Black Hole that is Facebook

This is what happens every time I go on Facebook

I get caught up in the black hole that is Facebook and can't stop going on, stalking *cough* I mean seeing what my sorta friends are up to


Sooner or later

Crippling regret hits me, and I realize how boring my life is, or think "Why on Earth did I ever think that this was a good idea to put online?"

Here is a picture of me with crippling regret hiding under a blanket drinking vanilla honey chamomile tea.

And the worst part (especially with someone with chronic indecision) is that any tiny little action taken on Facebook is broadcast out to any ole friend of mine to see. So I can't change a million things or take back what I did 20 seconds ago without these friends seeing, and possibly getting annoyed if I change a million things a million times.
And I use friend loosely, these include distant second cousins I've met once, people I knew when I was in fourth grade, and people from my high school that I have never actually talked to.

So if I post something people who knew me would understand, but not these other "friend-posers"  two days later I can't just change my profile picture again, when I realize what a stupid idea making my Facebook picture a stone statue of Michelangelo is.

Sounds cool right? Well, I thought so until now I have to message someone about a club at my college and want to appear semi-normal/cool. I am at least attempting to make friends at college.

And I can't change it because some random people from my high school have liked it (why I will never know I originally wanted a random picture that I can casually leave from months while I am MIA on Facebook I didn't think anyone would actually click the LIKE button!) so now I know it was noticed and it would probably be annoying to change again.
Plus, I tend to get annoyed with close up pictures of my actual face. 

I changed this picture just yesterday
and already regret my life.

And yes I am aware people should "accept you for who you are" Yeah well, this is a first impression I'm trying to ease them slowly into my interesting sense of humor

Can you tell I'm overthinking this?

No one else seems to understand my pain!
But I suppose that's what all people say...

Moral of the story is: Be yourself and Forget the everything else?


It's "Ally you should delete your Facebook while you are still semi-sane"

But we all know that's not gonna happen

So stay tuned in about 5 months when this mental crisis happens again!

Tuesday, July 12

Describe a drawing challenge

Grab a piece of paper and a writing utensil and follow our 
directions to see if you can match the original drawing!
Last video:

Which one of us do you think gave the best direction?
First to give directions: Ally
Second: Christine
Third: Lauren

Follow Me?

Monday, March 28


It's just not Easter without a chocolate bunny to fill up with milk!
I just really like this photo for the plastic sheen over the case, how the light rides over the ripples of the plastic.
Its the little things in life that are easier to overlook that I find most interesting.

Wednesday, March 16

Sky Meadows

My family and I went on a hike at Sky Meadows, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
Here our dog Porthos is looking at my sister in the distance. 
Can you find her (my sister)?

Tuesday, March 8

Journaling #2

Who doesn't like an old-fashioned turkey hand kindergarten style?

The page on the left is made by tracing a hand (yours or another persons) in multiple spots on the page overlapping, then coloring in each section. No section can touch another section of the same color. So a box colored in yellow will not touch another yellow area on any side. Although you might notice I did touch light blue to dark blue and diagonal colors touch each other. Produces hours of relaxing fun!

Monday, March 7

Suicide Squad Comic Review

So because of the movie coming out August 5 I decide to give the Suicide Squad Comics a try. The trailer for the movie looks really good, and I am super excited to see it. I thought the comics did not disappoint. I have always loved a story that makes a reader root for the villain.

It was formatted in the typical way of multiple comics put together in on graphic novel. The beginning was a little difficult to understand, and therefore it took me a little longer than I would have liked to get into it. Some of the different chapter beginnings would disorient me as to what was going on in the story Of course this is from the point of view of someone who had no knowledge of what the Suicide Squad was except is was a bunch of villains sent out on dangerous missions, because they were expendable.

Once I was on board with what was going on in the story I was quite the page turner. Usually I prefer Marvel to DC comics, but Suicide Squad is one of my favorite comic series of either company.  I would definitely recommend this, although bear in mind it is also one of the goriest comics I have read. Deadshot was a fantastic anti-hero, and Harley Quinn's craziness kept you guessing what her next move would be. A fast paced adventure, that keeps readers hooked.

Sunday, March 6

Strawberry Pie

 One of my favorite pies- no, one of my favorite desserts in general is strawberry pie.

You will need a pie crust
1-2 pints of strawberries
sugar a couple of tablespoons depending on how sweet you like desserts.
heavy whipping cream or pre-made whip cream

Essentially it is pie crust, a layer of fresh strawberries, a layer of strawberry puree, whipped cream, and more fresh strawberries on top.

Super simple right?

Personally I like to use graham cracker crust. Recently, the crust I really like using is an Oreo crust. How can you go wrong with chocolate and strawberries.

Next you will want to slice or quarter approx. 9 strawberries to cover the bottom of the crust. In theory you can layer the bottom of the pie with whole strawberries (with the tops cut off) similar to the one in the center in the picture and when the pie is sliced into the slices, will have strawberry sides cut nicely on the edges of the pie slice. But in reality the middle of the strawberry is hard to find to cut into to make look right, and the  whole strawberries are not bite size and difficult to eat.

With the rest of the of the strawberries (you can just use up the the pint and part of a new one)
take the tops off and quarter them and put them in a medium saucepan over heat.

 Mash the strawberries and add a dusting of sugar (I don't usually use more than 2 teaspoons, but more or less can be added depending on how sweet you want it), then mash some more until you get a liquidy substance. I like my filling to still have some small chunks of strawberry, but there is also the option to have a completely liquid sauce.

after letting cool for a minute or so (it doesn't need to be completely cooled, just not boiling hot) pour the sauce on top of the strawberries in the crust. Then spread a layer of whip cream on top of the sauce.

Whip cream can be made by whisking a quart of heavy cream until just under the consistency you want. Then add a table spoon of sugar (how much is a preference, giving the cream a taste to see if it is sweet enough is a good idea) Whip the sugar into the cream until the desired consistency. This process usually takes five-ish minutes.

Layer some sliced strawberries on top, put in the fridge for an hour or until cool and then enjoy!