Saturday, November 22

Newspaper Nails

Over the weekend I painted my nails and pasted newspaper text onto the polish. I always get lots of complements on these nails and people are always asking me how I did it. So today I thought I would explain how I make newspaper nail polish.

Things you will need:

  • newspaper,
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a light colored nail polish
  • clear nail polish
Things that will be helpful (but not strictly nessicary):

  • q-tip
  • nail polish remover 
  • a towel

First you  need to coat your nails with a base coat of any lightly colored nail polish. The newspaper text won't show up on dark nail polish. Make sure the polish is completely dried all the way through. If it is even a little wet still it will stick to the newspaper when you try and apply the lettering.

Then you will need to cut small squares of newspaper (about a half an inch - needs to completely cover your entire nail) with lots of text spread evenly across the square.

Next take your first finger and dip it into rubbing alcohol for 10-15 seconds.

Then take a small piece of newspaper with lots of text on it and lay it on top of the finger and gently press for about 10 seconds. 

Peel the newspaper carefully off the finger.

The newspaper text will have been transferred onto the nails but it also may have gotten on your skin around the nail. This is where the nail polish remover and q-tip come in. dip the q-tip in the nail polish remover and rub it around your nail on the skin to get rid of the ink.

Lastly cover the nail with a thin coat of clear polish to keep the ink on your nail from rubbing off. Be careful not to use too much clear polish or the ink will start to smear.

Repeat this with all of your other fingers.
And enjoy your newspaper nails.

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Comment to let me know if you liked how to's like this and if you want more nail explanations, and share pics of your finished newspaper nails!