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The Power of Six

The Lorien Legacies by Pitticus Lore

The Power of Six

Sequel to the novel "I am Number Four"

A good story with lots of action and twists and turns that kept my interest so I will definitely
be reading the next one in the series "The Rise of Nine".


After leaving Paradise, Ohio John Smith  (number four)  is on the run from the alien Mogs, trying to kill the Loric and the FBI, for being wanted terrorists. This time the book alternates viewpoints from John's point of view, to number Seven -- called Mariana -- who lives in Saint Teresa's covenant in a small town in Spain.

Although I was skeptical of this alternate view point in the beginning, Mariana's story is quite interesting I enjoyed very much, and was a nice way to change up the story from the first book. What Mariana's story lacks action it makes up for with her interactions with the fickle nuns at the and her lovable friends Ella and Hector.

Especially towards the end John's story did have a couple unexpected plot twists that I did enjoy. But for the most part his story was much of the same through out the majority of the book. John, Sam and Six had a close call with either the Mogs or the Feds, but would escape, nearly loosing John's special chest. After training for a couple of days in a safe-ish location the cycle would start again.

Character Development

I also tired of John's struggle of being 'hopelessly' in love with Sarah, but he also can't stop thinking about Six, whom he knows Sam also has a crush on, but will still shamelessly flirt with her in font of Sam. But the chemistry is absent between any pair in this trio, and any crushing seems to be due to proximity.

I did really enjoy the bad-ass Six. In "I am Number Four" She was a minor character, and I really enjoyed her character development this time around. Her back story was interesting and she is a pleasant addition to the team. Personally out of all the Loric Legacies reveled thus far Six by far seems to have the coolest.

The last bone I have to pick is the fight scenes. Now I like a good action packed fight sequence just as much as the next person, but there were sooo many and they all seemed to be the same. The ending fight with Six and Mariana was notable and fun to read even after all the other semi-dragged out fights. Some of the fighting I felt took away from the actual story, glazing over what could have been some potentially interesting plot twists.

Rating - 7/10

In the end I would recommend this book to a friend who likes action or sci-fi, with the comment of "yea it was decent." A good summer read. And like I mentioned before it did keep my interest enough for me to check out the next book. The author is good at leaving a slight cliff hanger at the end of each chapter/section, and at the very end to keep us readers interested.

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