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Bloody Chester Review

Bloody Chester by J.T. Petty and Hilary Florido

Let me start out by saying it is a very good story, keeping the readers on the edge of their seat until the end. With that said, the ending felt unfinished. I am unaware if a sequel is planned. Personally I hope there will be and think there is a very good possibility of one.

The graphic novel is centered around Chester Kates, an outcast in his current town. Chester is hired to burn the abandoned town of Wales, to make way for the new railroad. But what's a story without a hitch? Turns out the town isn't as abandoned as he was led to believe. Then comes the question, should Chester complete the job he was sent to do?

This book is quite enjoyable. the authors placed some tricky plot twists, making a unique story, I thoroughly enjoyed. The reader has many questions throughout the adventure, and as some are answered more questions are created. Most of my questions of the plot were answered. Some were a surprise. I did not find the book predictable at all, which was quite enjoyable. But as I mentioned before, although sort of tied up, in the end there were some blatant loose ends.

As in many graphic novels I find character development is weak. A reader can't get to know the characters intimate thoughts as a traditional novel allows. Usually I do not find this to much of a hindrance of a graphic novel. In this novel especially, the character development didn't dip past the surface, an outsider (aka the reader) seemed out of the loop. In many books I like to feel a connection to at least one of the characters, someone I could see as a friend. This did not take away from the story itself, but it would have made the novel on a whole more enjoyable.

I liked the artwork. It had essential details, and got the point across. I wouldn't say it was the most beautiful work ever created, but by no stretch was it a crude drawings.

First page of Bloody Chester

And to another reader I would say " It was pretty good you should try it sometime, I liked it."

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