Saturday, September 17

A random present to myself

So last weekend I walked with some friends over to CVS. I ended up buying a pint of cherry garcia ice cream with the goal of eating it all in one night because I don't really have a good freezer. 
(I got about 3/4th of the way through before I was sick of ice cream, and very disappointed in myself that i couldn't finish a measly pint. Anyways!)

 I saw a pencil case that I really liked. But didn't get it because I already have a pencil case (ok actually 2 one for my desk and one for my backpack) but I don't need a pencil case. 

But I kept thinking about how cool it was,
 and since I have a certain number of "Pioneer dollars" (our schools money system) I have to use before the end of they year I figured I would just buy myself a present for surviving the first week of college. 

So here you go. This bag is my, what do the kids say these days?, My ascetic.
Awesomeness, and black and coppery and shiny.

BTW there was matching pens too. I figured I use pens for nearly everything these days so one can never have enough pens? I use them for art, and journaling, and note-taking, and outlining textbooks....
So why not add some pizzazz with some coppery joy.

So now I will review these joys.
The pens have adequate ink flow. They work fairly well with the occasional hiccup of not-putting-ink-down. But I always look super snazzy writing with them
No matter what. Period.

The bad is good. It is a little small, but that makes it more portable. Although rummaging through it looking for you favorite pen at the very bottom, is only a slight issue.
Also there is a plastic lining inside the pencil case so any ink leaks or graphite chards can be easily cleaned.

All in all I really like my snazzy gift to myself.
Although I  feel a little weird reviewing a random generic pencil case and pens....

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