Tuesday, September 20

I'm a jedi!

"With you the force is Ally!"

I'm a Jedi!!

A cartoonist came to our school, and I was standing in line for about 45 minutes when a volunteer came over and said only 8 more people get to go. I was number 8 o_O

Anyway, people didn't get out of line behind me, hoping they could get squeezed in. But it was already 9:00, and that was when the booth closed.
I was about to give up, but my lovely suitemate convinced me just to hang out and see what happened.
People were getting antsy, and closing in around me.

Then some faculty member came by and told the artist that he was off
I was about to be disappointed (except you can see by the photo above....)

The artist said he had agreed to do 8 more, and so he had two people to go

I was number two!

(There was one girl who complained loudly the entire time about how she isn't going to get one, she was originally 3 people behind me. Also how good everyone's looked and how one more wouldn't be a problem...)

And most of the people in front of me had gotten themselves drawn as a princess, sports star, or the profession they planned to go into.

I wanted to be a Jedi


As I sat there I was unsure where to look.
Do I look at the artist?
Do I look straight ahead?
Do I look down?

I also tried to peer into his sunglasses to try and see the paper, but the image was too warped.

All I had to go on was the reactions of the three people watching him draw. They all agreed that the eye was the best, and most realistic. And then they would be like "Aw" or "wow", as I sat there wondering.

After seeing it I absolutely LOVE it!! 
I plan on framing it.

I even got the comment it looks like Rey a bit, and obviously she is amazing.

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