Sunday, September 11

College Adventures full of Hair?

OH Hi!
So I wanted to straighten my hair the other day.....
But obviously as a lazy college student/anti-socialite couldn't be bothered to go into the shared bathroom.

Unfortunately I do not have a mirror in my room. SO being the fantabulous problem solver I am I used my web camera on my laptop as a mirror.

Now as I was staring at the camera for the long process that I was straightening my luscious mane of hair. And documented the process.

Now in retrospect I realize that I made the same face in all of the pictures....
Also, the quality of the picture is questionable (this is a laptop camera so, not an amazing DSLR).
And the lighting is terrible, sorry I was merely sitting at my desk.

I didn't want to put the burning hot straighter on my wooden desk, so here it is in a coffee mug.

Here I just look funny with half a head of straight hair and the other half a glorious mess.
Again though with the pursed lips and wide eyes, really Ally?

See, using a web camera worked Amazingly!
 I feel I am a proficient adult now and should just be handed a college degree.....or at least a scholarship award....sigh

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