Tuesday, September 13

Digital Art #1

So my senior year of high school I started to learn (and by learn I mean I started to mess around with sketchbook) and I wanted to learn Digital Art. Because personally I think drawing digitally is a lot of fun, and potentially gorgeous.

Now this was my first major project using a drawing tablet.

So its not amazing

But I did improve, and I hope to get the opportunity to practice with digital art again

Stay tuned for some of my better projects.....

But for now, here is the picture I just stumbled upon on my computer.
Currently I shudder a bit at the perspective on the desk....But I still do think the concept is cool, and the chalk looks fairly decent.

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  1. Ok, so we are all just going to pretend this was posted on Monday, September 12th and not Tuesday at 12:20 am. I hadn't actually fallen asleep yet on Monday so it counts.