Tuesday, September 13

"Freak the Geek" Art

So in English class last year. One assignment was to teach the class about a short story of our choosing.

There were certain requirements about the story we had to choose, like it had to have "literary merit" 

Sounds boring right? Usually (there are some exceptions) but "literary merit" means to have some deep unhinged meaning, and again usually is slightly depressing.

The only redeeming requirement was the author had to be alive.....

In the Library we received big heavy, scholarly books filled with various short stories. 

They were long and not all that fun to read.....
(At least not my kinda thing)

But behold a book called Geektastic


And in this book.

"Freak the Geek" by the one and only John Green

So our beautiful project became illustrating the scenes of the story into a type of comic
Mainly so we didn't have do much talking in the presentation...

Anyway, I did have two other partners, so it's not a complete comic, just my parts.

"Freak the Geek"

I suppose this may be what can be called "Fan Art"?

Really it was a school project I spent a short while on I just wanted to get it done with and not completely embarrass myself when the entire class saw it. I don't think it came our half bad.

You can tell the first one I spent a longer amount of time than the last one....

"The whole world of mischief and malfeasance is available to you, and you pick paint balls?"

I thought the book, although not a highly symbolized, or complex tale, it was a very easy read, light and enjoyable. (Especially because I thought we were going to read some heavy material)

It was all about accepting yourself and taking pride in geekdom.

Plus the one girl used Shakespearean insults which is just simply amazing, if you have never looked up Shakespearean insults I highly recommend it. 

Of course it may be that I like them because I am a geek...

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for no spoilers) I did not draw the ending scenes....

So if you are curious about how the story ends you'll just have to get it at the library or something!

The story is about a girls boarding school, where traditionally the students pick two girls to basically harass and intimidate in a ritual called "Freaking the Geek". 
Can you guess who is chosen? Our two lovely main characters.
Basically it goes as well as you could expect, whose fault is it? What to do? and it becomes a story of self-acceptance.
Genuinely a pleasant easy read.

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