Monday, September 19

Package Adventure

The best feeling in the world while at college is getting a package.

Walking from the mail room triumphantly hanging on to a brown unassuming parcel. 

But inside holds a jackpot, of unknown goodies to fuel my poor starving scholars heart, belly and imagination.

Jealous and curious glances are cast as I prance up the stairs to my dorm hall prize in hand.

I fling open the door and place my prize on my bed; Hardly able to contain my excitement I snip open the tape, dumping out my loot.

As far as food my lovely sisters contribution to the package was a werthers candy (arguably her favorite candy - so she will miss the loss, of course it could be a million years old and she no longer wants it, but it was delicious all the same) thanks Paige.

A triumphant prize.
Unfortunately I have no bowl big enough to hold all the jello...
But no fear! Problem solving skills dictate that a collection of mugs and bowls should solve the capacity problem. (and who said college never taught us anything)

Why is there a racecar in this conglomeration of stuff Ally?
-you may ask


Its a phone...

A racecar phone.
Cause obviously how will I be the coolest kid in college without a corded phone in the shape of a racecar?
But honestly, I would totally use it, except the phone jack in my room doesn't work, leading to sadness.

Also socks
Which in it self isn't that odd

I did ask for socks, along with my charger an an Ethernet cable (as seen in the top photo)

The odd part is that there is 5 socks.

So since one dosen't have a pair, I can just keep one in my backpack for emergencies.

Thanks for the package Mom and Dad!
Love, Ally

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