Sunday, September 18

BrainDead: on CBS

So my favorite show has just ended....
I don't know if it will get renewed, so I'm just gonna put it out there in the hopes it will get noticed by someone, despite the show being over currently.....

So here is BrainDead.
(just the summer trailer, which I know may be "old" but it gives a good synopsis)

Basically space bugs have come down and are eating politicians brains. This is why the system seems so radicalized and crazy.
Sounds strange right?
I was skeptical when we first started watching too.

But the writing is so clever, and the characters are easily relatable, or lovable, or whatever you wish to call it. The plot is a mix of a political drama, comedy, sometimes heartfelt and then other times a suspenseful thriller.

It can get a little dark, but there is lots of witty banter to lighten the tone.
I believe that the show did a very nice job of introducing twists and turns to even the very last episode.

The lead character is Laurel Healy Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays the lead and her co-star Aaron Tevit, do extraordinary jobs. Each character, I would say especially senator Luke Healy, Laurel's brother played by Danny Pino, was a complex character with both redeeming heroic qualities, but also his share of faults; this created more three-dimensional believable characters.
 Like I said earlier the plot had so many good twists and turns. There were some plot lines brought up that could have been further explained or tied up, but for the most part Michelle and Robert King have done, another extraordinary job (they are also the creators of the good wife). 
The story was fast paced. There were a couple of episodes about 2/3rds of the way through that not too much plot developed, but the last couple episodes were completely riveting, leaving the viewers with a bittersweet feeling. I was happy to be apart of this shows debut, but it saddens me that the season is over with no clear future.
 I loved Laurel's outfits for the most part, which in a sense dosen't add or take away from the plot, I just enjoyed some of the things she wore and wanted them in my closet. Her style is sophisticated, chic and modern with a bit flare, showing off her creative film-maker side.
The series has a slight sci-fi tone. There are space-bugs eating people's brains. But the special effects are not overdone. Was it sometimes quite graphic to see a person's brains explode? Yes, particularly in the beginning. But aside from an occasional bug or brain, the strangeness is generally implied. I believe that this makes the situation more believable, or at least the suspended disbelief of space bugs.

Another thing that added to this shows lovable charm was, the episodes opened with a "Previously on," but instead of generic scenes as a review. Every episode had a unique jingle to remind us what had gone on.

Here is a video to one for episode 2 (so there isn't really too many spoilers as long as you already know the shows basic premise which i have explained above)

I can't imagine coming up with a new song for every episode. Each one clever in its own right. Personally I think that is talent right there.

So now I hope I have pitched it for you to actually watch the show and decide for yourself if it deserves a second season (which of course it totally does)

For more awesome clips here is the youtube page
Although some (although not all) contain spoilers.

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