Friday, September 9

The Black Hole that is Facebook

This is what happens every time I go on Facebook

I get caught up in the black hole that is Facebook and can't stop going on, stalking *cough* I mean seeing what my sorta friends are up to


Sooner or later

Crippling regret hits me, and I realize how boring my life is, or think "Why on Earth did I ever think that this was a good idea to put online?"

Here is a picture of me with crippling regret hiding under a blanket drinking vanilla honey chamomile tea.

And the worst part (especially with someone with chronic indecision) is that any tiny little action taken on Facebook is broadcast out to any ole friend of mine to see. So I can't change a million things or take back what I did 20 seconds ago without these friends seeing, and possibly getting annoyed if I change a million things a million times.
And I use friend loosely, these include distant second cousins I've met once, people I knew when I was in fourth grade, and people from my high school that I have never actually talked to.

So if I post something people who knew me would understand, but not these other "friend-posers"  two days later I can't just change my profile picture again, when I realize what a stupid idea making my Facebook picture a stone statue of Michelangelo is.

Sounds cool right? Well, I thought so until now I have to message someone about a club at my college and want to appear semi-normal/cool. I am at least attempting to make friends at college.

And I can't change it because some random people from my high school have liked it (why I will never know I originally wanted a random picture that I can casually leave from months while I am MIA on Facebook I didn't think anyone would actually click the LIKE button!) so now I know it was noticed and it would probably be annoying to change again.
Plus, I tend to get annoyed with close up pictures of my actual face. 

I changed this picture just yesterday
and already regret my life.

And yes I am aware people should "accept you for who you are" Yeah well, this is a first impression I'm trying to ease them slowly into my interesting sense of humor

Can you tell I'm overthinking this?

No one else seems to understand my pain!
But I suppose that's what all people say...

Moral of the story is: Be yourself and Forget the everything else?


It's "Ally you should delete your Facebook while you are still semi-sane"

But we all know that's not gonna happen

So stay tuned in about 5 months when this mental crisis happens again!

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