Monday, September 26

Melted Joy

So I got super excited that it is possible to use my schools meal plan dollars on the vending machines

Drunk with power, I decided to purchase the 100 Grand candy bar I had been staring at literally every single time I went into or out of my dorm.

Then there was also a large Kit-kat bar, of which our tale spurts from

Now I don't often get these large Kit-Kats, either I must be satisfied with "fun-sized" bars split a full sized bar with my family, which is fine

But this large candy bar was special.

Now I bought this as I was leaving for a movie.

Now where do i put my Kit-Kat

In my nifty pocket of course

Well, turns out chocolate tends to melt
Yes, my candy melted.

But I wasn't going to let my dollar fifty go to waste. I could just put it in my freezer!
(Actually I ended up getting back to my dorm, falling asleep, then waking up and realizing it was still in my pocket. So when i got ready for bed and put it in the freezer it was well and truly melted. So much so that I had to try and move the wafers back inside into straight lines.)

This was the result the next day.

Honestly better than I expected

the chocolet formed in weird patterns around the wafers
But the real test was did it still taste good?
(Spoiler Alert: Obviously NO)
JK, it was delicious still

Although it, didn't have that satisfying break off, so I couldn't mimic the grand Kit-Kat jingle, 
and the wafers really weren't attached and kinda flaked away.

But rest assured it still tasted good!

Have I made you jealous yet?

Because right now I don't have a Kit-Kat and I am jealous of my past self, who did have one....

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