Friday, September 16

Internal Monologue

Hmm, So I've written a post today I just saved it as a draft to be published on another (special) day *wink wink. (Ok, its not that special don't get excited, its actually only two lines...)
But that counts as my post-for-the-day right?

Uhh, no I suppose not....

I don't actually know why I'm complaining about this....
I do enjoy having a blog, despite it maybe being a abnormal thing, or potentially "nerdy" thing to do (not that I have ever been ashamed to be called a nerd)
And it's not like anyone really reads my blog except when I forcibly share the links to me amigas.

But for whatever reason I still won't tell anyone about my corner of the internet for feat of being "weird".

Basically its all societies fault.

Ok just kidding.

Anyway today was just me venting a problem to the internet.

Because the best ways to deal with problems is to

  1. Ignore them until they go away
  2. And rant about them on the internet
Nothing will go wrong....

Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming of random pictures, and college shenanigans!

but since i have a random blog, I though why not use it to release steam....

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