Wednesday, September 21

I may have stumbled on a cult....

So I was sitting in the Student Center at about 7:30 pm studying.....
                                       (I promise this will get more interesting)

Not many people were around - this made me (the anti-socialite) pretty happy.

Then two guys in suits came up and shook the hand of one of the faculty members who was sitting on the other side of the room. They were holding clip boards and phones, and were wearing suit, tie, the whole shebang. The faculty member took them into the multipurpose room next to me

The "multipurpose room" is where all the special guests who visit our university preform.

So I was thinking that 'Ooh maybe these are agents for a famous person coming to visit!"
There was only one problem,

These two guys looked really young. Now I didn't want to be hasty to ruin my dream and make an assumption, but they looked like they were sophomore or juniors.

But in the fantasy land where I live, they were agents for famous people.

That's when hordes of guys in ties and button-up shirts started filling in.


Its just a frat meeting.

In this group I saw one of my bio lab table mates
(earlier he was complaining about having to stay at school till 8pm. WELL son I NEVER leave, I literally eat, sleep, and breath this campus whether I like it or there)

Once the stream of people I was subtly trying to spy on stopped, I went back to my studying.

That's when the chanting started.

As I snuck past the door when I got up to leave they were standing there with bowed heads and arms crossed in front of them.

They are 100% running a cult under the guise of a fraternity.

Now back to my lovely biology-table-mate...

He totally seems like he would be in a cult.

...Not that I know what someone in a cult would be like.....

but for the sake of the insanity of this fantasy - he's totally it

                                                   you'll just have to take my word for it.

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